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Submission Guidelines


1. Scope: All fundamental areas of humanities and social sciences related to Russian, East European, and Eurasian regions.

2. Manuscript types: Research manuscripts of about 25 pages of a designated size; book reviews of about 5 pages; book review articles of about 15 pages; or review of literature and materials in a specific field, and research note. A research manuscript should be a manuscript that has not been published on another academic literature previously.

3. Copyrights: The copyrights of the articles published on the journal belong to the Institute, and the submitted manuscripts are not returned. The Institute may open the published articles on the internal or external electronic database.

4. Manuscript Submission and Due Date for Submission

  1) Manuscript submission: A manuscript prepared by using Hangeul Software 2007 or of a higher version should be submitted to the e-mail of the Editorial Board of 『Russian Studies』  as an attached file. A separate sheet of the file should include the names and affiliated institutions of the authors, the article title and the name of the authors written in Korean, English, and Russian with the key words (about five words) and the contacts of the authors (e-mail address and telephone number). In addition, the brief profile of the authors (affiliation, graduated university, major, one or two representative articles, and one or two representative books) should be provided in Korean and English.

  2) Due data for submission:  The due date is March 31 for the first issue of a year (published on May 31) and September 30 for the second issue of a year (published on November 30).

  3) Fee for review: The authors submitting a manuscript should transfer the fee for review of 40,000 KRW to the bank account of the Institute (Refer to the requirements related to the fee for review.).


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