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한국과 러시아에 있어서 전환과 개혁:비교적 고찰 (Transition and Reforms in Korea and Russia: A Comparative Perspective)
- 서울대학교 러시아연구소, 국제학술대회 보고집

Soo-Heon Park, Comparing Domocratizing Experiences of Korea and Russia: Similarities and Differences
Guerman Diliguenski, Civil Society and the Future of Democracy in Russia
Woo-Ik Choi, Civil Society in Korea and Russia: A Comparative Analysis
Vladimir Popov, Currency Crises in Russia and in Southeast Asia
Je-Hoon Park, Economic Crises of Korea and Russia: Comparison and Evaluation by a System Dynamics Approach
Vladimir Mau, Market Reforms and Democratization: Relationships between Political and Economic Reforms(The Case of Russia)
Kyung-Hoon Leem, Comparing Bear and Tiger: Democracy and Economic Reform in Russia and Korea
Yong-Chool Ha, State Building, Debuilding and Democratization in South Korea and Russia: The Legacies of the Past
Irina Busygina, Russia Regional Political Institutions in the Context of Globalization and Regionalization
Duck-Joon Chang, Reforms and Decentralization in Korea and Russia
Hyun-Ik Hong, External Impacts on the Korean Trasitions
Aleksei Bogaturov, Bicameral Society versus Globalization Syndrome: A Case of Foreign Policy Making
Beom-Sik Shin, Democratization and Nationalistic Orientation in Foreign Policy: The Cases of Russia and South Korea
ТРАГЕДИЯ СОВЕТСКОЙ ДЕРЕВНИ Коллективизация и раскулачивание Документы и материалы Том 1.
май 1927 - ноябрь 1929- Москва: РОССПЕН
러시아현대소설선집1 - 서울: 열린책들
영화기호학 - 서울: 민음사
다시쓰는 소련현대사 - 서울: 열린책들
러시아 기호학의 이해 - 서울: 민음사
사회주의의 재건인가, 역사의 전환점인가?
- 서울대학교 소련동구연구소, 제1차 국제학술대회 보고집
Lee In-ho, Perestroika or History's Turning Point?
Boris V. Anan'ich, Was October a Turning Point in History? Changing Interpretations of the Russian Revolution
 (Origins of the Socialist System and the Issue of its Possible Alternative Paths of Development)
V. G. Khoros, Perestroika and the History of Russia
Kim Hong-woo, Perestroika and Gorbachev's Perception of History
Johanna-Renate Doring-Smirnov, The Changed Assessment of Boris Pasternak as an Indication of Social Change in the USSR
Igor Smirnov, Unofficial Traditionalism and Official Messianism (On the Genesis of Two Cultural Traditions in Russia)
Stanislaw Tytus Gebethner, Stages of Retreat from Real Socialism in Central and Eastern Europe (Comparative Perspectives)
Boris Kagarlitsky, New Political Forces in the USSR
E. Gaidar, Financial Crisis and Political Problems of Economic Stabilization in the USSR
Ha Yong-
chool, Perestroika and Administrative Reform
Mihaly Simai, The Process of Privatization in East and Central Europe (Problems and Perspectives)
T. I. Zaslavskaia, Perestroika and Humanitarian Values (Where is Soviet Society going?)
Daniel Chirot, After Socialism, What? (Ideological Implications of the Events of 1989 in Eastern Europe for the Rest of the World)
Iu, Krasin, World Community in Four Dimensions


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